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A Reminder to all of our Valued Owners:
Please continue to be aware of anyone contacting you directly with an offer to rent your time or an offer to purchase or sell your ownership.If anyone asks you to pay funds upfront or to pay money into an escrow account you need to proceed with great caution. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your Owner Services team at 855-455-9355.
Guest Certificate Fee Announced.

Effective June 1, 2019, please note that Owners who allow their family and friends to use their reservation will now be required to complete a Guest Authorization form, as well as pay a $49 Guest Certificate Fee.
Here’s why: When an Owner transfers their use to friends or family, there is an administrative cost to process the transfer, for which the Vacation Owners Association is responsible. Owners who do not use this option should not have to pay for the small percentage of Owners who do. After consulting with a number of other Vacation Owners Associations, we found this is to be the most effective solution.
The Guest Authorization Form can be found in the Forms column of your Future Reservations, or you can find and download the form within the Document Library in Owner’s Lounge. Upon submission of the completed form, Owners may call Owner Services, 855.455.WELK, to pay the $49 Guest Certificate Fee. The Guest Certificate will then be sent by mail or email, as requested.
Guest Certificates may only be used by the individual(s) named on the certificate and may not be used by persons under the age of twenty-one (21). Guest must present the Certificate at check-in, along with a government-issued ID and valid credit card.

We will be expanding our state-of-the-art Melody Hill Fitness Center beginning in September of 2019. This center is located at our (Lawrence) Welk Resort Villas at Welk San Diego.

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• If you have questions regarding your past due Vacation Owners Association fees, contact Financial Services at 760-481-7791
• If you have questions regarding your past due Loan/Mortgage, contact Financial Services at 760-481-7792.

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